Redback body kit


The body kit includes very unique design, tail lights (LED are available in option), flasher and horn.

Choose your color

Metallic Gray

Unique and original bodywork

Wishing to change the esthetic of the golf carts, Champroy innovate in unique and original bodywork. Made in Canada and designed by professionals in the industry of the body that have been inspired by luxury cars. We aims to change the standard body kit into something that will make heads turn as it goes by.

Super resistant colored mold plastic

Our product is made of colored mold plastic which makes a small scratch will not peel the paint. Moreover with the ingenuity of the designers it is possible to change only a part of the body since it’s composed of several parts that assembles the one with the other.

The before and after amazing result. Fits on 2004-2017 Club Car Precedent.

Everything you need to make a difference.

Our kit comes with :

  • Front and Read body kits (5 pieces)
  • Light kid including voltage reducer, horn, flasher and all the wiring you need
  • All the hardware needed for the installation

Large discount available for dealers request at

Long lasting night vision

In addition to the full body kit, you have the entire wiring harness for the light installation that includes a horn and a voltage reducer to avoid excessive energy demand on a single battery. This ensures that the energy is distributed over the battery and prevents the premature wear of the batteries.

Quick and easy installation

Champroy team wants to be sure that the installation of your body kit is easy as possible. We recorded a tutorial video, that will help you to install your own body-kit with no problem. Our best technician shows you how it’s easy to do the installation. When you buy, we will provide you with the installation guide.

Change the look of your golf car now.